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3 min readDec 3, 2021
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Profoundly different effects; Sativa is known for its heady-rush, Indica for its sedative properties, and hybrids for its combination of both. But how can one tell them apart and truly understand what it is?

November 30th 2021 — Khronic, the new and the first start-up with a disruptive and innovative technology that solves the issues of the cannabis industry outbid everyone by launching an unprecedented Cannabis Metaverse world. Khronic A.I. was developed by industry veterans in the blockchain and cannabis space, inspired by a future in which everyone can play, grow, and earn money in virtual worlds. Khronic is a decentralized cannabis Metaverse that educates cannabis enthusiasts to know the type of cannabis they consume but in a more deeply immersive virtual Metaverse world.

Cannabis is one of the largest growth opportunities, with nearly 170 plus million monthly consumers worldwide. Cannabis lovers, its aficionados, advocates, and political supporters have been looking for more effective ways to celebrate the plant, highlight its unique strains, and connect more deeply in the Metaverse world, as a community in the post-pandemic world.

Khronic is an ecosystem that offers a suite of tools powered by artificial intelligence and backed by scientific research using millions of data points to simplify the process of identifying the cannabis flower’s category, bud potency, bud quality, effects, and other qualities. The Khronic ecosystem facilitates the quick and seamless identification of various cannabis strains.

Building The Gap

With over 10,400 different cannabis strains globally and over 1,600 cannabis strains created in the past year, it has become increasingly challenging to know the flower’s effects on the body, which causes a problem both for suppliers and consumers. Consequently, suppliers cannot confirm strains, and consumers are left with no other option than to trust the printed name on their product’s package. Moreover, the absence of reliable verification systems coupled with reports of inconsistencies & history of underground trading could lead to such problems as; Misidentification & mislabelling of plants; creating names for unknown origin plants; renaming or re-labeling plants with prominent names for a better sale, etc.

Molecular tools allow scientists to characterize better and estimate the breeding value of plant individuals and populations using lab analyses. The deployment of this Biotechnology could have been the best option for cannabis growers; however, the cost of such infrastructure is discouraging.

For consumers, currently, only manual systems are available. They have to research online extensively and go through databases to find the details for their respective strain. However, this process is time-consuming. With the Multi-Billion dollar nature of the Industry and its almost generic acceptance and saturation, the cannabis industry is a significant pie in the world’s ecosystem. Howbeit, it is one pie that has primarily been seen from the shadows, relegated to the backgrounds, and done without a structured, strategic, and systematic process in place

Future Plans for Mass Adoption

Khronic ecosystem takes cognizance of the present and the future to navigate the waters of the cannabis industry as it attains mainstream adoption. Amongst other developments that are available, the following development will be revered as the ecosystem grows. They include:

  • Launch of our DeFi token
  • Purchase of Lands in the Metaverse.
  • Opening up of cannabis lounges in the Metaverse to sell in-game items.
  • Governance features to make Khronicai be community-driven and establish democratization

$NROC: The Utility Token for Khronic

MoonRoc token is built on the polygon blockchain with a total Supply of 420,000,000,000 minted tokens that will burn 1% of its transaction fees all the way down to 42,000,000,000. This will put a check on inflation on the token and ensure that utility and value are maintained. The total transaction fee will be 3% with 1% burnt, 1% sent to the liquidity wallet, and 1% to the development wallet.

About Khronic

Khronic is a revolutionary app that connects the blockchain, cannabis industry, marijuana community, machine learning, and the Metaverse together to transform the way you learn about medical cannabis. Khronicai A.I. offers a suite of professionally developed tools that allow you to analyze your cannabis flowers to determine the lineage of a strain and the effects felt, all with the press of a button on your mobile phone.

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